Drinking functional coherent mineral water accompanies a strengthening of the very low frequency impact on heart rate variability, and mono and multifractal heart rhythm dynamics in healthy humans

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Benny Johansson, Svetlana Sukhotskya ABSTRACT Background: Research on functional water has revealed its physiological functions and health-beneficial effects. Accordingly, this study explored the effects of drinking an average dietary volume of functional coherent mineral [...]

Allometric Scaling Behaviour – A Quantum Dissipative State Implies a Reduction in Thermal Infrared Emission and Fractal Ordering in Distilled Coherent Water

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Johansson B*1, Sukhotskaya S Summary: According to classical theory, the impact of various hydrophilic surfaces on the contiguous aqueous phase extends from a few water-molecular layers to several hundreds of microns. Our studies support [...]

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