Functional water science has gained attention recently in response to its physiological functions, health-promoting effects and disease prevention, especially on oxidative-stressrelated diseases such as diabetes, cancer, arteriosclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases and side effects of hemodialysis. It has been proposed that in the case of naturally or electrochemically reduced water, the active agents are atomic or molecular hydrogen, mineral nanoparticles and mineral nanoparticle hydrides. Studies investigating functional qualities of functional mineral water or functional coherent mineral water in healthy humans suggest a capacity to maintain or restore physiological self-regulation to reduce variability accompanying a constant “steady state” condition, and/or propose the presence of fractal nonlinear mechanisms and long-range power-law correlations involved in physiological control and complex signaling networks to maintain homeostasis. The functional coherency of a mineral water aligns a nonlinear quantum coherent regime of physiological water as an important factor in the emergence of self-organization and self-consistency of the living organism, exclusively providing a mechanism for physiological nonlocality. Formation of a super-coherent biological plasma-like physiological water is considered one of the most important characteristics of a healthy physiological state. Supplementation with a dietary volume of functional deep ocean mineral water, as a primordial source of nutritional minerals and trace elements, shows consistent anti-atherogenic effects, inhibition of atherosclerosis progression, and improved recovery from exhaustive physical fatigue with elimination of post-exercise oxidative damage.

Keywords: Functional water, clinical studies, self-regulation, non-local effects

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